Processing At Pep’s Pork
We specialize in pork, but don’t be fooled we provide quality beef and venison processing too.

Since 1982 we’ve been a family owned and operated meat processor located near Spring Hill, MN (or 15-miles out of Melrose) that specializes in pork. Throughout the years our specialized service has been adapted upon to include beef, venison, and other custom orders. Today at Pep’s Pork we operate as an all around meat processor with our own slaughtering facility.

Beef and Hog Butchery graphic

Custom Slaughtering / Butchering

Whether our own hogs or yours – or even beef for that matter – we are able to provide custom butchering at our modern slaughtering facility. Raising animals ourselves, we understand the desire and need to treat them with respect. For that reason, we strive to perform all slaughtering as humanly as possible. At Pep's Pork we perform custom slaughtering on Monday's, which coincides with our inspection schedule. All custom slaughtering is done by appointment only*, during scheduling you'll be given a date and time for animal delivery. Please contact us as soon as possible if unexpected changes occur with your schedule.

* We do not provide emergency butchering services.

Hog with processing cut lines

Pork Processing

This is what we are known for – we're Pep's Pork after all. We established ourselves in the meat industry by raising, processing, and promoting our own hogs / pork products. Today this is still the main focus of our business, but with the added benefit of processing your farm raised hogs as well. When you order our pork, you can get it by the half or whole hog and select from a variety of custom cuts, thicknesses, and flavorings. Wrapped in butcher paper*, properly labeled, and processed with the quality that we're known for, you'll be glad your freezer is filled with pork from Pep's. Whether you're having us process one of your hogs or one of ours, your pork order will typically be ready two to three weeks from the order date. Contact us to place a pork order today!

* All meat products are wrapped in butcher paper, but can be vacuum sealed for an additional cost.

Beef with processing cut lines

Beef Processing

Well versed in pork processing, we felt it beneficial for our clients that we expand into beef processing as well. Working with local beef growers, we sell beef by the quarter or half, allowing you to easily fill your freezer with quality cuts for a good length of time. At Pep's Pork we can also provide custom beef processing for your own home-grown animals. When placing an order we'll ask about your desires related to steak thickness, roast size, hamburger package weight, and more. It's all about getting beef that's cut and wrapped exactly to your family's wants and needs.

As with hogs, beef processing orders are typically ready two to three weeks from the order date. All beef cuts are wrapped in butcher paper unless specified otherwise*.

* All meat products are wrapped in butcher paper, but can be vacuum sealed for an additional cost.

Deer with processing cut lines

Venison Processing

When it comes to wild game there's nothing quite like the taste of expertly processed venison. Whether made into flavored brats, snack sticks, ring sausage, or jerky – the taste of properly processed venison mixed with quality pork / beef is unmistakable. At Pep's Pork we put our years of tried and true processing techniques to work for you, creating delicious venison products that your family will love.

When you bag your prized buck or meaty doe, make sure to think Pep's for the processing. Bring your deer trimmings* to us and we'll take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn about the various venison products we make.

* We accept trim only and need a minimum of 12 lbs of venison to make a batch of any one product. Our venison products are produced by custom order only and are not for retail sale.